Rental Products

Rental / Hire of Baby Equipment

Thank you for choosing Babybarnitems for your baby’s travel gear needs.

If you are a visitor to Malaysia and in need of nursery equipment or baby items such as portable cots, play yards, car seats and infant carriers, Babybarn items is just the place for you. Please view our product available for rent and drop us an email so that we can facilitate your requests and make your stay here worry-free and an enjoyable experience.

Rental Process

The rental process is simple and easy.
Decide on the rental items that you will need for your vacation.

Fill out the online inquiry form at completely with details of your travel dates and duration,location the items are to be delivered (full address or location you will need the items delivered) or call us for any urgent request.
We will contact you by phone to review your selections and travel needs, finalize the details of your trip and delivery information, and obtain your payment information.
When you arrive at your destination, the items you ordered will be assembled and ready to use. However, certain hotels and condos do not allow access to the rooms ahead of time. In which case, your rented items will be in the luggage room or with the concierge desk at your hotel, or delivered when you arrive at your destination. If you are staying with friends/relatives ect please provide to us the full address, telephone no and contact person so we can call direct to arrange delivery. Don’t pack it, rent it !